Thursday, March 20, 2014


sharpening colored pencils (4)
The kids have been getting into my colored pencil stores lately, so I made them pay their dues by sharpening a tub full of them (though the activity was deviously presented as a game).  I read somewhere that the Prismacolor lead can mess up an electric sharpener, so we started with small hand sharpeners.  I started to remember why I don’t use them much. 

Enough cracked leads prompted me to dig out some sharpeners I had in my classroom for awhile – I got them on eBay a few years back.  They make such a sharp point that I had to train Gryphon to estimate the number of turns that would yield only a semi-sharp point for each pencil, and he’s since become a sharpening master.
sharpening colored pencils (1)sharpening colored pencils (2)

Rooting through my tub of pencils turned up a few different Prismacolor imprints, evidence of the brand’s journey.
sharpening colored pencils (3)

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